GLOZAL is the first to assign a unique Social Media ID Number (GLOZAL ID#) combining all your social accounts and identity into one unique 11 digit GLOZAL ID.


GLOZAL ID #  (Your Social Media ID Number)

  • Your own Social Media profile page
  • Assigned Social Media ID # as your GLOZAL ID (i.e.
  • Choose from Personal and/or Business Profile
  • List of all your Social Media Platforms, Networks, Contacts and other information in one central place (Social Media Hub)
  • See Live Social Media feeds on your profile page


Our Mission

GLOZAL's mission is to simplify all your social media profiles and other important information into one place.  When you join, you will be issued a Social Media ID Number with a unique global identifier. GLOZAL ID# directs all your social accounts into one  ID# which makes it easier to connect with other people without a mistaken identity.


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